EaseEditing provides one-stop service for scientific papers. Professional, efficient, safe. We look forward to serving you!
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EaseEditing provides a one-stop service for scientific papers. We are professional, efficient and safe.

Look forward to serving you! Counseling Hotline: 010-80751898 / 18612253375

Six Reasons to Choose EaseEditing


Absolutely Safe

Manuscript Security and Confidentiality with 100%

Using advanced network security protection measures: international standard 128 bit SSL encryption, access control, network isolation, PIX firewall, etc.

To ensure the security of data transmission

Sign a confidentiality agreement with the editor

Ensure that the content of the manuscript and author in-formation are not disclosed

One-to-one Service

Exclusive one-on-one customer service 24-hour online answering questions

Academic editors with SCI journal experience can solve your worries in time

SCI peer editors immediately modify and respond


Academic services


Top Team

Top Editor Team

Composed of professors from Harvard, Oxford and other international universities

A team of more than 2,000 senior expert editors

Averagely engaged in scientific research for 20 years

With rich experience of SCI paper editing, SCI paper translation, fund documents support

Ease and Safe to Pay

Employees of colleges, hospitals, scientific research institutions and other enterprises can enjoy the priv-ilege of first service and then payment after passing real name authentication

Support online banking, WeChat, Alipay, offline and other payment methods

Provide formal VAT invoices

Pre-store cash back and reduce the difficulty of rep-orting, which help you use research funds flexibly


Payment Safety


Cooperation Guarantee

Partnered with Many SCI Journals

At present, we have cooperation with ACS, Elsevier, Willy, RCS and other internationally renowned pub-lishers and journals

Recommend suitable journals for your manuscripts and increase the hit rate of submission

Newly launched SCI paper full publication service to ensure that manuscripts are published by SCI journals

100% Quality Guarantee and After-sale Service

Multiple rounds of strict quality control management to ensure the quality and timely service

If the paper is rejected due to language problems, or if there is any doubt about the serviced manuscript, we will rework it for free until you are satisfied


Quality Assurance

Editing Team

World-class University professors, an editorial team of more than 2,000 experts

20 years SCI paper editing experience, academic translation is closer to SCI / SSCI / EI journal language standards

Professors from world famous universities such as Harvard, Oxford, University of California, Princeton University, University of London

100% English mother tongue expert, more professional translation

Covering 1300+ sub-disciplines, different disciplines can be accurately matched with expert editors

  • M. R. S.

    McMaster University

    Professor of Medicine

  • M. D. K.

    South Carolina Medical University

    Associate Professor, Department of Radiology

  • T. U. D.

    Portland State University

    Professor of Engineering

    Technology Management

    With more than 20 years of experie-nce in journal review and academic writing, he has published more than 30 SCI papers and has extensive ac-ademic SCI paper editing experien-ce. In 2013, he was rated as the top 50 authors in science and technolo-gy and innovation management in t-he past 5 years. His main research interest is engineering management.

  • C. J. B.

    Michigan State University

    Professor, Department of Chemical

    Engineering and Materials Science

    He has extensive experience in pub-lishing SCI journals, publishing mo-re than 10 SCI papers, and more thanten years of academic writing and p-aper review experience. His main re-search interests are materials engin-eering, materials science, metallurg-y, and electron backscatter diffracti-on.


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